Obesity in the Philippines

Obesity 101

Did you know that being overweight and obese rank 5th among the leading risks for global deaths? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Unfortunately, this number is likely to increase over the years.

Club New You Obesity 101 Rock the Fat AwayObesity is defined as having excess proportion of total body fat. Analyzing your body mass index or BMI is one of the most common ways to measure or determine if you are obese or not. A person is considered obese when his or her weight is 20% or more above normal weight. In the Asian category of the data from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you are already overweight if your BMI is between 24 and 26.9. Meanwhile, a person is already considered obese if his or her BMI is over 27.

In the Philippines, a 2011 survey by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) showed that 22.3% of Filipino adults are overweight and 6.1% are obese.  The prevalence of overweight Filipinos is expected to increase significantly by 2015, which means more health problems ahead. If this trend continues, it is highly likely that more will suffer from high risk diseases that could lead to death.

Say goodbye to  unwanted extra weight and rock the fat away!

Lose weight and gain life with (Orlistat) Xenical®.

26 Responses to Obesity 101

  1. joy says:

    hello po! ano po bang vitamins ang my a,d,e,k and beta-carotene. pwede mo po ba akong bigyan nang brand para mabili ko. tnx

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Joy, thank you for your comment. It would be best to consult first with your doctor so he can access your condition and prescribe the appropriate vitamins for you. Thank you :)

  2. Joan says:

    Pwede q po ba malaman kung ano ang tamang timbang para sakin? Im female 24 y/o & im going to 25 y/o next month .. my height 5/1 and im 58 kilos.

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Joan! Thank you for your question. Feel free to check out the BMI Calculator here in our website. You can enter your age, gender, height and weight to determine if you are over weight or not.

  3. tine says:

    im planning to take xenical but my question what is the effect in fertility? is it ok to take xenical when were planning to have a baby?
    Is xenical had a bad effect in planning for a pregnancy?

    • Club New You says:

      Tine, thank you for posting your comment here. Since your query is a medical related question, we are forwarding your query to our Medical Information team of Roche Philippines, makers of Xenical. Your question is duly noted and we will give you immediate feedback within the next 72 hours. Alternatively, you may also personally email them at philippines.medinfo@roche.com for your query. Thank you.

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Tine, here is the reply from our Medical Information Team to your query – although there are no known Xenical effects on fertility, it is not advisable to take the drug if you are pregnant or are planning to be pregnant. for best results, please consult with your doctor. Thank you.

  4. maja says:

    I lost 10 lbs when I used Xenical last 2007. But I stopped when I had gallstone removal. Now that I don’t have gallbladder, is Xenical not dangerous to my liver?

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Maja, since your question is medical related concern, we are forwarding your query to the Medical Information Team of Roche Philippines, makers of Xenical. Your question is duly noted and we will give you immediate feedback within the next 72 hours. Alternatively, you may also personally email them at philippines.medinfo@roche.com for your query. Thank you.

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Maja, here is the response from our Medical Information Team to your query. There are no case reports that Xenical can cause adverse events after gallbladder surgery. Xenical is proven effective to lose weight and beneficial to overweight and obese individuals with the said medical condition. It would be best that you consult first with your doctor to assess your condition prior to taking Xenical. Again, thank you.

  5. caroline says:

    I am currently taking clium fiber capsules. I am considering to take this too. Is it safe to take both?

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Caroline, according to our resident doctor there is no known drug interaction with clium fiber and Xenical. Again, thank you for question and for visiting our website :)

  6. Elmer says:

    I just saw your commercial on t.v. Tanong ko lang po,how do we become a member here?

  7. jeanina says:

    ok lang po ba na magtake ng xenical kahit nagbe breastfeed?

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Jeanina, thank you for your message. It is not advisable for breastfeeding mothers to take Xenical. We suggest that you discuss with your doctor about the proper weight loss and diet program for you. Thank you.

  8. ohsofaithy says:

    hi! do i need a prescription in order for me to buy xenical?

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Ohsofaithly, Xenical is an OTC drug. It is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. If you have specific medical concern, we suggest that you consult first your doctor prior to taking Xenical. Thank you.

  9. Nanette Hernandez says:

    Hi! My husband is 50yo and weighs 240lbs. He is hypertensive taking up coapprovel as maintenance. He plays golf once in a while. Before he regularly plays badminton but due to his hectic sked at work and church almost all of his sports activities were stopped. How can I help my husband? He always had second thoughts of taking up diet pills. Pls help.

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Nanette, Xenical has been shown in clinical studies to lower blood pressure of hypertensive overweight-obese patients. We still suggest for your husband to consult first with his doctor to assess his medical condition and also discuss if Xenical can be taken together with his medication. Again, thank you for taking an interest in Xenical.

  10. Nikki says:

    Hi, is it ok to take 2 capsules a day? I take lunch and dinner lang.

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Nikki, thank you for your question. The recommended dosage of Xenical is up to 3x a day with each main meal. If you miss a meal or if you know that your meal contains no fat, you do not have to take Xenical. Thank you :)

  11. Glendon TOrculas says:

    Hi, i been taking xenical past few days, and “nothing happens” no oily stools or farting with some oily residue, i do running about 5k to 10k every day, and eating right amount of food, akala ko kasi it will help me to shread i few more pounds, masasabi ko lang po siguro di po ito ang right medicine para sa akin. Pero keep helping other people on losing weight. Goodluck guys. :)

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Glendon, thank you for posting your message here. The absence of oily stool or the other known side effects of Xenical while you are taking does not mean that the drug is not working. These known side effects are particularly experienced after consuming meals containing high levels of fat. We commend you in your commitment to shed the pounds and we hope that you will keep it up. Make sure that you are eating a healthy amount of food still, don’t go hungry. There are several foods that you can eat and meals to help keep you full until the next meal. Remember that you are not just loosing weight but re-educating yourself on eating healthy. Again, thank you :)

  12. maric17 says:

    hanggang kelan po ang deadline ng new face of xenical

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Maric17, thank you for your message. The deadline for “Be the New Face of Xenical” is May 31, 2013. Thank you and hope that you will join our latest promo

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