Club New You Tip: Planking to Lose Weight

Video: Planking to Lose Weight, Have Sexy Abs

How often have we looked at celebrity bodies and wished we could have perfect abs like theirs? Losing weight and achieving a toned figure can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible! Club New You by Xenical has partnered with Coach Chappy Callanta of 360 Fitness Club to give you tips on how you can rock the fat away and get great abs through planking.

Club New You Tip: Planking to Lose Weight, Have Sexy Abs

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You may have heard of planking through the popular internet meme, but planking as a workout is a different story. Planking is a type of isometric exercise that involves contracting your muscles against stationary resistance. This exercise works out both your upper and lower body, and is also a great way to test your stamina and endurance.

Other benefits of planking exercises include:

Plank Exercise Benefit #1: Improved body and muscle strength

Your abdominal muscles are the primary supporters of your body when you’re doing plank exercises. By doing this exercise, you can strengthen your midsection, your upper and lower body muscles, and the inner core muscles that support your joints

Weight loss through planking and Xenical

Plank Exercise Benefit #2: Increased flexibility

When you do plank exercises, you expand and stretch the muscles around your shoulders, collarbone, and shoulder blades. This helps increase the flexibility of the posterior muscle groups of your body. To further improve your flexibility, you can try pressing the front of your thighs upward and lengthening your legs as comfortably possible.  This allows you to stretch the hamstrings that form the back of your thighs. Planking also stretches the arches of your feet as you hyper-extend your toes to enable you to support your weight.

Plank Exercise Benefit #3: Improved posture

While doing plank exercises, you use your core muscles, which include the transverse abdominis and iliopsoas. These muscles help stabilize your spine and hips. If properly done, planking could help prevent or even reverse postural deficiencies such as lordosis and posterior pelvic tilt. Lordosis (also known as swayback) is caused by abdominal weaknesses that overextend your back, making your buttocks stick out. On the other hand, posterior pelvic tilt, or flat back, is caused by weak hip flexor. This results to having a somewhat flat spine instead of the normal curvature.

Watch the video below as Coach Chappy teaches us how we can lose weight by doing a proper plank exercise:

How to Perform a Basic Plank Exercise:

  1. Position yourself face down on the floor with your forearms and knees resting on the ground.
  2. Push yourself off the floor by raising up off your knees onto your toes and resting mainly using your elbows.
  3. Contract your abs to help keep yourself up and prevent your buttocks from sticking out.
  4. Keep your back flat to maximize the benefits of this workout.
  5. Hold your planking position for as long as you can. For beginners, try holding your position for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat three times.
  6. As you build your core muscles, you can already increase the number of repetitions and the length of your plank hold.

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      Hi Maresel, thank you for sharing your comment. Glad that Xenical was part of your weight loss journey :)

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