Win the NEW iPad With Xenical!

Win the NEW iPad With Xenical!


This August, Club New You members can win the NEW iPad with Xenical!

Monthly Giveaway Promo for August

Joining is so easy! 2 very simple steps!

1. Like and share this post (click on LIKE button on top of this post and SHARE at the bottom of this post).

2. Enter 2 Xenical promo codes from August 1-31 and automatically qualify for the electronic raffle!

The more codes you enter, the more entries you get!


2 codes = 1 raffle entry
3 codes = 2 raffle entries
4 codes = 3 raffle entries

Xenical with Promo CodeYou can get your promo codes by buying Xenical from your favorite drug stores. The promo codes can be found on the upper left hand corner of the Xenical 21s boxes.

Ready to win? Click  HERE to join now!

Join iPad Raffle Promo

Invite your friends and relatives to join! Click on the share button below.

*Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 1515 series of 2011.

107 Responses to Win the NEW iPad With Xenical!

  1. Mites says:

    just in case po na manalo ako ng ipad ( how i wish ), hindi po kasi ako sumasagot sa celphone ng number lang po nag a-appear sa celphone ko., pano ko po malalaman na Xenical contact number po iyon? Baka po ma miss ko yung call na yon hindi na po ibigay sakin yung price ko. Huhuhu

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Mites,

      No need to worry, we contact the promo winner aside from his/her contact number via email and we also post the announcement here in our website. Thank you.

  2. audreygwyn says:

    panu po kung sakali na manalo,wala na ung nlang po meron

    • Club New You says:

      Hi audreygwyn,

      For security and verification purposes, we need a proof of purchase for the Xenical box of 21. Thank you.

  3. Club New You says:

    Thank you everyone for joining!

    Our monthly giveaway winner for the month of August is MR. JONATHAN IMBOY!

    Congratulations from Club New You! You will receive a brand new iPad courtesy of Xenical Philippines!

    A Club New You representative will get in touch with you through the contact details you provided in your Club New You membership registration.

    Thank you!

    • Joy says:

      Oh my… not this time again. when will be my lucky day?

      • Club New You says:

        Hi Joy,

        Don’t be sad. There will be more promos and giveaways to be launched in the future. Who knows, you might be the next lucky winner? Stay updated! Thank you. :)

  4. tihne says:

    Who’s the winner here ?

  5. tyn says:

    I want to win an Ipad! :)

  6. jinji says:

    I tried submitting codes but the system doesn’t register points at all. Please help

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Jinji,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. Usually the system gets delayed due to high volume of traffic. Kindly check again later. In the meantime to ensure the codes you submitted, please send us a photo of the promo codes you entered at, together with the receipt or proof of purchase. Thank you.

  7. caz21 says:

    I just wanna loose weight..

  8. jasmelbea says:

    i want to win ipad..sana ako ang manalo…

  9. Jasen Meila Francisco says:

    :) )))

  10. raymond_ordonez says:

    Kindly help me with my promo code I already sent you an email and the attachments regarding this matter. Please help me co’z I want to join your contest!

    I received my salary today Aug.30 and I bought a 2box of xenical in Mercury Drug Trinoma just to join this promo! Hope you can help me with my problem to credit the points in my entries! More Power The Club New You by Xenical!

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Raymond,

      We would like to inform you that your 2 promo codes are included and eligible for the Xenical Win an iPad Promo. Based on the number of promo codes you entered, you have one (1) raffle entry for the said promo. Again, thank you for joining and good luck.

  11. elizalde erpilua says:

    I want to have an ipad too..pleaseeeee

  12. milesborja says:

    Hi! Yesterday, I entered 3 codes. Prior to that I followed the procedure, I liked the page and shared it in my FB wall. Then entered the 3 codes. The codes was approved as valid and got reflected in the points summary page. However, under the remarks column of the said summary, the same did not indicate that my codes garnered a raffle entry. I noticed though that the codes I entered for the past campaigns, the remarks column would indicate the number of raffle entries I have gained for each code. Please clarify why the same thing didnt happen with the new codes I entered. I hope the 3 codes I entered qualified for the raffle.


    • Club New You says:

      Hi Melissa,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly send us a photo of the promo codes you entered at, together with the receipt or proof of purchase. The cutoff to qualify for the iPad giveaway promo is until 11:59 PM of August 31. All entries within the said cutoff are included in the raffle. Thank you.

  13. Virginia Avenido says:

    I want to have an ipad too

  14. sheen says:

    i gotta win this!!!

  15. sally says:

    I want to win IPAD..Yippee..Xenical love it!!!

  16. milesborja says:

    My son accidentally dropped my old iPad and its LCD broke. I hope to win the raffle so I can replace the broken one.

  17. Lung G. Sison says:

    Losing weight is a tedious job, but i think XENICAL CAN ASSIST ME IN REACHING THIS DREAM .

  18. says:

    working in an iOS environment, one of the four IT Solutions Companies in the Philippines, winning this Ipad will go a long way for me and for our company. Hope for the chance to win this one.

  19. elvis1765 says:

    me have ipod….

  20. Roldan B. Talawa says:

    I Want to have an iPad to

  21. Majahlia says:

    The new me with an ipad of it!

  22. Rizel J. Reyes says:

    I want that ipad!!!

  23. jacquiline laeuan says:

    i’ve been submitting codes but i think its not working.. i want to win this ipad!

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Jacquiline,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please try to enter the code again, but this time do the following:
      1) Interchange letter I with number 1 (or vice versa);
      2) Interchange letter O with number 0 (or vise versa); and
      3) Interchange capital L with small l.

      If it still doesn’t work, please let us know by e-mailing us the codes as well as the photos of it to Thank you.

  24. sallymd says:

    I will win IPAD!!!

  25. Liza says:

    Hi! I’ve already entered some promo codes. The system accepted the promo codes but the remarks column is blank, does that mean that I’m not included in the ipad promo? I tried to re-ente the codes but it said invalid promo codes. Please let me know what to do. I only have a few days left!!

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Liza,

      Kindly send us a screenshot of the codes you have been trying to enter via e-mail at, so we can verify if the codes have been credited to you. Thank you.

  26. cora says:

    i want to win ipad pls….

  27. iKrinz17 says:

    i want…to be part of the xenical and win the new iPad…..

  28. Rlyn says:

    I love xenical ur the one ..
    & i want to win Ipod to

  29. avicchica says:

    would love to loose the unwanted weight…and WIN a new ipad! who doesnt?!!!!!!!

  30. Max Francisco says:

    Xenical helping me get the bod back on shape is more than enough! But who doesn’t want an IPAD?! I’ll be the happiest. xD

  31. vahn18 says:

    I would love to have a new IPad with the new me. ^_^

  32. lalice says:

    i want to win ipad please..

  33. ma.liezel cidamon says:

    I think i’m the one! Will win that ipad!

  34. Chet says:

    I hoping to win. XD

  35. mamiShine says:

    hope i could win this ipod…

  36. Liwanag Kua says:

    i really want to win this i pod

  37. josie malabuyoc says:

    I think i`m the lucky one.

  38. ciammylho says:

    wooowww xenical is reaally sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cccoooooollll as in super effective ka na nga may chances to win ipad pa!! how i wish i can win this early gift na din for my birthday. electronic raffle or kung anu maang ways please choose my entry

  39. Verly says:

    Hope I could win! =)

  40. jasmelbea says:

    I wish i am the LUCKY one to win the IPAD.

  41. ms_libya says:

    hit a very rough spot in life not so long ago. i lost a husband and i lost a job and has been on depression for awhile. i turned to Xenical to help me address my weight issue. i know, an ipad will not bring them back. but hey, it would surely make mah poor heart smile :)

  42. yvonne .. from philippines norzagaray bulacan... lawasan st. 87 martin perez says:

    i want to win an IPAD bec. im so poor with my family.. i want to internet to chat.. in japan… so pls give it to me the IPAD.. pls pls pls pls.. here’s my # 694-2271

  43. mhillemond says:

    I’m IN! I already sent my entries hope and pray to get the iPad! This is the benefits of being a member of The Club New You of Xenical! God bless everyone! XOXO!!!

  44. Louella Araza says:

    I think I’m going to win that IPAD because I know I’m going to lose weight the xenical way!

  45. tihne says:

    I wish you will give that IPAD to me as a gift for my Birthday :)

  46. tihne says:

    . Hoping to win this IPAD from xenical .

  47. Ma. Concepcion San Diego says:

    Hoping to win new iPad from xenical

  48. Richard R.Seit says:

    Yesssssssssss im lucky to win a new ipad…….

  49. mjosiemd says:

    Here’s hoping to win the new iPad on Xenical’s promo. Its my birthday month and a new iPad is good birthday gift!!! :)

  50. Chita says:

    I have already entered promo codes but the remarks are still blank. Does this mean I don’t get to join in the iPad promo?

    • Club New You says:

      Hi Chita,

      We are sorry for this inconvenience. We advise that you try submitting the codes again later. This sometimes happens due to huge amount of traffic on the website. Thank you.

      • Chita says:

        Please let me know on what I’m suppose to do next. Ive been trying to re-enter the codes but I always get the message promo codes invalid.

        • Club New You says:

          Hi Chita,

          If despite interchanging letter O with number 0, and letter L or I with number 1 (or vice versa), you are still encountering “Invalid Code” Error, kindly take a photo of the promo code sticker in your Xenical box (zoom in so we can clearly see the codes) and email it to us, including the copy of the receipt from the drugstore where you bought it. Please email it to Thank you and looking forward to your email.

  51. lulutopacio says:

    I think your promo could have been more friendly and more successful if one only needs to enter 1 code only. This way, your customers would feel they have more chances of winning by having 2 entries instead of 1.

    • Club New You says:

      Hi lulutopacio,

      It is really encouraged to enter more promo codes, for more chances of winning. The promo codes will serve as raffle entries, which can be entered more than once. Thank you.

  52. foxglovef says:

    I am hoping and wishing to be the lucky winner of İpad, I never had an İpad and on August 14 is me and my baby’s anniversary.. Please please please :) Thank you Xenical, you always make me feel beautiful inside and outside!

  53. belle18 says:

    Thank you xenical! I hope I will be the winner…

  54. tess_rp says:

    i need to buy more to be more sexy and of course an Ipad

  55. angel_jheng says:

    That Ipad is MINE! Mwaahahahaha

  56. Helen Grace Aquino says:

    ‘Love to have one.

  57. jglaruan says:

    Hey, ive been punching codes for several times since you started all the promos but the remarks in my code account are still blank. does that mean i was not able to join all those raffle promos??

    • Club New You says:

      Hi jglaruan,

      As of checking in our system you already have 1 approved code. Kindly check back from time to time as our site takes time to be updated due to high volume of traffic. If you are still having issues, kindly e-mail us @ with the screenshots of your entered codes, and we will double check it in our database. Thank you.

  58. leah says:

    this product is good for our health coz many years i take this zenical and i want to win a ipod for my daughter

  59. faithstar says:

    a sexy body for me and an ipad for my 2 daughters would be really great….thanks xenical.

  60. angelica03 says:

    Wish ko manalo ako dito over 4years na ko gumagamit nito. <3 :)

  61. Ramon M. Talens says:

    I want to win This iPad like my Niece join this Promo last time,She won, this promo is very true.

  62. Ramon M. Talens says:

    I want to win an iPad just like my Niece this is true…..

  63. jovert celebrar says:

    Hope to win this IPad

  64. Annalie says:

    Hmmm,exciting guys! Wish Towin the 2nd time .i won iPad2 last year . So I had code entries again wish me luck again,..

  65. lyn colasito says:

    can i have that i pad….:)

  66. markzurbito says:

    Having no Xenical makes my day incomplete. Thank you and more power!

  67. storm_gara says:

    gotta have this….

  68. marian artizo says:


  69. rowena jamias says:

    i want to loss weight and i want to win the ipad too !! !

  70. Pia Ojera says:

    I wish I’ll win this time. Love an iPad! Thanks.

  71. maris says:

    i want to lose weight..thank you Xenical,and hope to win the new ipad….

  72. merna paraiso says:

    i wish i am the lucky 1 to win the ipad..thank you xenical for making me a sexy.

  73. merna paraiso says:

    wow….i wish i am the lucky one to win the ipad….thank you xenical.for make me a sexy.

  74. marlene yanga says:

    I Hope LUCK will Fall unto me na..I really want an IPAD.THanks Xenical!

  75. day2ko says:

    I would like to win this IPAD as a birthday present for myself!

  76. tihne says:

    Just asking, Is there any chances to win if I already win to the other promo that you’d given away?

  77. venicerizza says:

    I really adore those people who eat plenty but don’t gain weights … I want to lessen my weights. Nowadays, being sexy is an asset. i’m hoping that w/ xenical i will get my desire sexy body :)

    having an iPad is also awesome ^_^

  78. imelda t. vier says:

    I have long wanted an ipad and xenical is giving me this chance plus a chance on a sexier me

  79. melger says:

    woooowwwwwwwwwwwwww….prices are getting more exciting now! i do hope that im the lucky one this time!”only God knows”
    thanks Xenical..

  80. Edna says:

    may i ask who won the cp last week??? where is ur list of winners????

  81. raquel durana says:

    wow i need to be a sexy

  82. raquel durana says:

    wow i want to be a sexy and to win ipad 2

  83. tihne says:

    . OMG ! This is what I’m waiting for :) Hope to win this IPAD . Thank you XENICAL :)

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